Streamlined Trading Solutions

FinTech Securities exists to provide streamlined equity, options, and fixed income trading solutions. Through honest and innovative solutions we add the human element to trading technology creating the most refreshing brokerage experience. While keeping a clear sight of our valued clients’ goals, we offer the highest level of customer service in an enjoyable yet efficient work environment.
FinTech was founded on the principle of offering wealth management institutions access to:

  • Cutting-edge trading technology
  • Competitive commission rates
  • Independent research services
  • Highly personalized attention

…no matter your size.

We believe FinTech Securities can provide an attractive choice for institutional trading business. FinTech has grown rapidly which is a testament to the level of trust our clients have put in us to execute their trades and service their accounts.

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The difference between brokers in our view is the level of service they offer their clients. We are committed to service and will deliver quality answers for both the existing and anticipated needs of our clients.


The FinTech Team is comprised of individuals with direct industry experience averaging 15 years each. We understand the business. Best of all, we understand our clients’ business and their needs.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Technology has changed almost every aspect of life, so too has technology changed the brokerage industry. We embrace flexibility and the streamlined solutions necessary for the changing needs of our clients.

Competitive Rates

Costs of brokerage services have been under pressure for many years now. Our cost structure is very competitive and we pass this savings along to our clients.

Passionate Team

We are passionate about what we do and about accomplishing goals in order to exceed our client’s expectations. We understand the value of a non ego-driven mentality, one where there is trust in our team. This approach nourishes the growth of mutual respect internally and with clients.

Innovative and Accountable

We are innovative, accountable, and unstoppable when it comes to achieving success for our clients. At the core of this drive, is the innate feeling that each client's business is our own...we're only successful if our clients are. We tell the truth, take responsibility, keep our promises, and always operate with the highest level of integrity.