Electronic Trading

FinTech Securities offers an online execution, quote and charting system that resides directly on computer desktops. Powerful yet easy to use, our systems are efficient, reliable and complimentary to FinTech Securities’ clients. Electronic trading provides for immediate execution of stocks and offers real-time quotes and charts of securities and indices. Speed, simplicity and sophistication give a performance edge in the marketplace.

Trading Connections

FinTech Securities has proven connections to multiple trading systems in order to create a fully streamlined trading environment. The FinTech Team continues to work toward creating quality partnerships that will aid with the automation of trades. FinTech has developed strong connections with AccuTech Systems, Bloomberg, Fi-Tek Trust Portal, Infovisa, NYFIX, ROX, Sterling, STN, and Thomson Reuters.

Please contact us if there is a particular software product, FIX connection, or company with whom it would be helpful for us to connect. It is our goal to continue providing a cutting-edge, streamlined trading environment.

Streamlined Trading Solutions

Trading Phone: 888-822-3310

Trading Email: Info@FinTechSecurities.com