Execution Only Equity Trading

FinTech stands by our principles of providing cutting-edge trading technology and competitive commission rates. We offer straightforward programs for execution only trading and FinTech takes every measure to make sure we offer the best execution of trades. The negotiated commission rate is competitive and not encumbered by volume minimums. The transaction pricing with any of our clients is summed up in the commission on the equity trades. There are no hidden fees or charges.

Equity Trading for Independent Research

For many clients, FinTech is able to establish a program allocating a portion of commissions in exchange for customized investment research. The commission dollars used as research credits will take into account the commission on all trades will be charged a reasonable and negotiated price per share. The FinTech Team has a deep understanding of Independent Research Services and the Principals each have more than two decades of experience in this specialization. Also, FinTech has the capability to establish separate accounts for research and non-research credit, if this type of business model is appealing.

For more information contact the FinTech Team.

888-822-3310 or Info@FinTechSecurities.com